Lorraine Pascale’s Fast, Fresh and Easy Food

When you are in a rush, after work with no time for a fancy meal, Lorraine’s book is a great resource.


Recent trends have been for cook books to simplifying meals for those with no time. I do sometimes fit into this category, I thought I would share a book I often use in times of need.

Lorraine, who cooked in some of the world best kitchen’s, before opening Ella’s Bakehouse in Covent Garden. She has a great wealth of knowledge to share within these pages. The meals have obviously been well tested and timed.

I went for a simple Maple and Balsamic Glazed Lamb Chop with Mint, Toasted Almonds and Feta Cous Cous recipe. It was delicious.

A couple of notes, do not get distracted by the dog and let your glaze cook for longer than a minute, otherwise like me, you may return to maple and balsamic glue. I also thought the cous cous needed a bit more flavour, so in future will add in some herbs like coriander or parsley. All in all a delicious quick dish for when your in a rush.

Check it out!!


The Moro Cookbook

The Mediterranean style of food found at Moro has always been fascinating. The first of their books is great. It takes you on the journey of how they chose the Moro style of cuisine.

It is written by the owners Sam And Sam Clark, who have done extensive research. Traveling the region of Southern Spain in a camper van for several months.

The recipe I choose to try out was the Fattoush salad, it made a deliciously light lunch. Although I have made fattoush before, their use of crisping pita bread and cauliflower was something I had not previous tried.


It was a success not just for its fantastic name, it was crisp refreshing and the dressing really brought the dish together. My one little piece of advice is, when you do make this (you defiantly should people love the name and the flavours!) is go heavy on the salt as the cucumber and radish really need the additional seasoning to bring out the flavour.

With the success of the first recipe I had to try another, as I am currently trying to eat less meat, I choose a dish from their vegetarian starter section. Which I shall share in the future.

My recommendation is to get this book, it has great recipes and interesting detail on some of the specialist ingredients. Mostly make Fattoush! Fun to say and oh so delicious.